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Multi-purpose sailing instrument and autopilot display with a 4.1-inch colour screen, optically bonded for zero condensation and featuring trans-flective LCD technology for exceptional contrast and visibility in all lighting conditions. 8mm mounting height matches other B&G MFD’s and system components.ilot ready; and features built-in 10Hz GPS and Wi-Fi.

Top Features

Optical Bonding

Efficient LCD Technology

Intuitive design makes it easy to configure

Low Profile Design

The Triton² is simple and quick to install

Autopilot Integration

Triton² Series

Fit out your boat with Triton2 sailing instruments and enjoy crystal-clear displays that put the sailing data you rely on exactly where you need to see it. etails with ease.

Your course looks clearer with Triton²

See the data you rely on: Speed, depth, wind and more, in full colour on Triton2’s low-profile, intuitive displays. The 4.1” screen will show you what you need to see, night and day – and even in direct sunlight – giving you all the information you need to sail your boat smarter and in safety, whatever the weather.tion.

See what you want to see

Customise Triton2 to show what you want to see, placed exactly where you want to see it. Simple numerical screens show any data available on your network, while the intuitive SailSteer display places everything you need in one place, with wind data and boat speed overlaid on an intuitive diagram that also shows laylines, heading and waypoint information.

Low profile screen

Triton2’s low profile design will enhance any cockpit. Standing only 8mm proud, the sleek display has wide viewing angles and exceptional brightness, but consumes a negligible 150mA of power. t helmsman – all from your Vulcan’s touch screen.

Add speed, depth and wind with our packs

A Speed/Depth pack adds a smart Tri-ducer to feed boat speed, depth and temperature to your Triton2 display via the NMEA 2000 network, or add Wind with a Speed/Depth/Wind pack and our new WS300 series wired or wireless wind sensors.

Set up your Triton² system

Triton2 is so simple to use that you shouldn’t need the manual. Here, B&G Product Expert Mike Sugden talks you through the various Triton² Display settings and views to ensure you get the most from your B&G display when set up for cruising mode.


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