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250 BF

Making the best even better.

We’ve redesigned our flagship BF250, BF225, and BF200 models inside and out, adding features, updates and improvements that make these acclaimed V6 outboards better than ever. From easier maintenance to tougher corrosion resistance, the new BF250, BF225, and BF200 outboards take legendary Honda performance into new waters.

Top Features

iST Intelligent Shift and Throttle options available
BLAST Technology
Lean Burn Control
NMEA 2000
Superior charging


Type 4-Stroke, SOHC, VTEC, 60° V6, 24 Valves
Displacement 3,583 cc / 219 cubic in.
Bore & Stroke 89 mm x 96 mm (3.50 x 3.78 in.)
Full Throttle RPM Range 5,300 – 6,300 RPM
Propshaft Rated Horsepower (HP) 250 hp @ 5,800 RPM
Cooling System Water Cooled
Fuel Delivery Programmed Electronic Fuel Injection (PGM-FI)
Recommended Fuel Unleaded Gas. (Min. Pump Octane 86)
Ignition System MicroComputer Programmed
Starting System Electric
Exhaust Through Prop Hub
Lubrication Pressure Lubrication (Trochoid pump)
Recommended Oil Honda 10W30 FC-W™ outboard motor oil
Oil Capacity 7.80 L (6.90 Imp. qt) with oil filter repl.
Trim Range -4° to +16°
Tilt Range 68°
Steering Angle 30°

DIMENSIONS / Overall Width

660 mm 


X-Type 286 kg

U-Type 291 kg




L Type 508 mm

X Type 635 mm


Alternator (Manual Start) N/A
Alternator (Electric Start) 90 amp
Battery Charging Power 60 amp and AMP+
Power Tilt N/A
Power Trim & Tilt Standard
Gas Assisted Tilt N/A
Oil Pressure Alert Standard
Over Rev-Limiter Standard
Temperature Alert Standard
Water in Fuel Alert Standard
Battery Condition Alert N/A
Speedometer Pickup N/A
Variable Speed Trolling Kit N/A
Rudder Meter Kit N/A
Tilt limit Kit N/A



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