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We create watercraft for those who live for the sea. And it is the very sea that inspired us to achieve something that is as simple as it is unique and uncompromising. Many call it a revolution, we call it Multispace. We have consciously chosen not to follow the current. The result is a yacht that, through our innovative concept, rises above mere trend and luxury. A vessel that can make every single second precious, one that is appointed with attention to every last detail, from design to performance, ensuring that those who live for the sea can truly feel free. We are proud to introduce ourselves. This is us, our ideas, our passion. We are Cetera.



The Cetera 60 Multispace Yacht has captured the attention of both owners and industry experts alike in recent months, thanks to its ingenious concept and superb standard of innovation. Once it exited the production facility owned by the Fiart Mare Group, which Cetera belongs to, it finally touched the water for the first time.




The Overall length 17,13m
Number of person 16
BOA/Maximum beam 4,42m
Fresh water capacity 470+350l
Fuel capacity 1800l
Speed 37 knots



At FIART MARE BOATS family we offer different styles and variations.

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